Make do with what you have: a look inside my drawers

For the next part of  Make do with what you have, I’m going to let you have a look inside my drawers!

After reading so many blogs about The Konmari Method, I decided that my drawers were next up for some re-organising. I’ve had this piece of furniture for years now and I’ve never been able to keep it tidy. It didn’t matter whether I kept only underwear, shirts, electronics, etc in there; it always ended up in one big mess. Since we moved, we’ve divided the drawers. We each have one for our underwear and socks, and I have one extra for shirts and (tank)tops. The bottom one is for our bedding. Our hanging closet isn’t that big and it needs to fit my dresses, blazers, vests, and my man’s shirts, vests and pants too, so we don’t have that much to work with.

Let’s start with the first drawer:

As you can see, nothing good is going on here. I didn’t even bother keeping my socks in here anymore. It’s just one mess of bras and underwear. I’ve never been able to organise my bras at all, they’re so awkward and always fall if you try to put them in a pile and urgh! So, on a mission to solve this issue once and for all I went back to Ikea. Now, I didn’t want to invest in pre-set drawer dividers, because you can’t adjust them to your liking. Also, I used to have a similar thing and it did not work out. But I found these adjustable drawer dividers there, which you can cut to your desired lengths and that was just what I needed!

They weren’t tall enough to go over the entire width of the drawer but it did just find to divide my section. I balled up my socks and stacked them, because I never have preference for socks anyway; the same goes for my underwear. In the back I put my pj’s and my bras! To solve the bra-issue I used a little basket I got from Action, which is kind of a dollar/craft/hobby store – and it worked great!

The second drawer was for my man’s underwear and socks. (not all of the clothes are in there in the below-picture)

He doesn’t nearly have as much clothes as I do, so the organising was much simpler. I just used the same  dividers and the same system as the top drawer. It looks like tiny little white fences which oddly, amuses me a lot! 🙂

The third drawer was the most work. I have so many t-shirts and tops that the drawer was overflowing! Again, in the picture, it doesn’t even show all the clothes. I tried to separate them – tops from t-shirts, prints from no prints, but it became one big mess and you always want the ones that are on the bottom of the pile and then you’re done for.

The Konmari method says to fold them in a rectangle so they can stand up and you can see everything in your drawers. I based my folding on the example of Abby from Just A Girl And Her Blog. Now this took me a couple of tries and I had to adjust my folding for every piece of clothing to try and make it the same size (some just double, some in 3, some in 4 depending on the size). After about half an hour of folding and re-folding, this is the result!

Can you believe it? I have actually have space LEFTOVER! To make sure I don’t mess this up as easily I came up with two systems.
For the tops: sort by colour – then by size/sort. I have some that are much longer than regular ones, some that are shorter but wider and flowy, etc.
For the shirts: By print! I can’t wear everything to work so it’s easier to sort. (I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t appreciate me showing up in a Harry Potter tee!)

The last drawer was the easiest one because we haven’t moved everything yet so a lot of my bedding is still in boxes, hidden somewhere. I basically re-folded the bedding to make it look nicer and cleaner and it already gave me all the space I needed!

And that is it! Hopefully this gave you some tips and/or inspiration for your own drawers! Let me know how you reorganise your life! 🙂

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