Christmas in Bruges

When I told my boyfriend I was going to reserve him for an entire day to go to a surprise destination, he was filled with both excitement and probably a little bit of anxiety. When we got in the car and he figured out we were going to Bruges to get into the Christmas spirit I received a very enthusiastic “Yay!” 🙂 .

Bruges is a very typical tourist destination in Belgium but to visit it during the holidays is really special. It’s mostly known for its historical centre with a lot of cultural heritage. In the picture below you can see the large marketplace. There are tons of little cafés and restaurants and all of them have kept their original exterior. This goes for most of the buildings and houses in Bruges, which gives you the feeling you’re walking around in a little, quaint village! Also, the Christmas decorations on every door and window give this cozy vibe you can’t get during the rest of the year 🙂

If you’re a little tired of the historical centre and all the people walking in it, you’re just a few minutes away from a total change of scenery. Bruges is a junction of several canals and rivers and it’s all just in walking distance.

You can walk over one bridge after another and every one of them has a different (gorgeous!) view.

To complete our Christmas-getaway we went to visit the lovely Christmas markets! In Bruges there are two main ones in the centre, complete with an ice skating rink and rows of little stalls to buy jewellery, clothing, food and drinks and of course: Christmas stuff!

All in all, it was a lovely day and we had a great time. With Christmas right around the corner, this got us totally in the spirit and excited to start celebrating!


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